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Custom-made stainless steel worktops sophisticated design stainless steel worktops First inspire. Then convince. With stainless steel worktops, its a done deal. Indeed, stainless steel worktops are obligatory in professional kitchens. This material is practically perfect for kitchen tasks. It is easy to clean, food-safe and hygienically clean. The material properties of stainless steel leave you with plenty of creative stainless steel worktops Worktops - Stala Stainless steel worktops are an excellent choice around both sinks and stoves as the surface can withstand splatters of water. Worktops are manufactured according to customers' needs and measurements, which means there is an endless amount of options to choose from. Stainless steel is a timeless material and its appearance only improves with time.

Stainless Steel Countertops - Here Are The Pros And Cons

Not only are steel counters aesthetically pleasing but theyre resistant to water, heat, stains and just about anything else! Stainless steel has a non-porous surface, which means that no type of liquid or substances can penetrate into the material at all. Bacteria, mold and other common household germs dont stand a chance with stainless. Stainless Steel Worktops | Domestic Products | Alco Engineering Stainless Steel Worktops. We offer a range of stainless steel worktops, with or without rear upstands and for island units. Available with MDF core or without a core for fitting over existing tops. Our worktops come in a range of custom and standard sizes to fit your requirements. Stainless Steel Worktops - L Shaped | NBS Source Stainless Steel Worktops - L Shaped Anderson, GEC Ltd . Made to measure stainless steel worktop. Variable shape, size, edge profiles, sink bowls and cutouts. Jump to: Specification data ; Digital objects +44 (0)1442 826999 www.gecanderson.co.uk Contact manufacturer Description

Stainless Steel Worktops - Franke

STAINLESS STEEL IS IN OUR DNA. Through a policy of investment in innovation and technology, Franke established a reputation as a leading name in kitchen sinks, taps and cooker hoods. Our portfolio evolved further in 1960 when we introduced stainless steel worktops to our Franke range.

The after-sales service personnel understand the user's ideas and needs in detail, and stand on the other side's position and interests. Actively communicate with users and help them solve practical problems. This not only solves the service problem, but also improves the customer's trust in the company.

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